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This mix of all these different art styles make you wanna keep watching it. Fuck you for doing this to meeeeeeee! Good stuff 5/5

Gotta say: absurd humor is my absolute favorite humor to date. Although this animation made no actual sense, it was hilarious! It all came together rather well. Sound quality was on par. 5/5

Yoshi's a faggot. he doesnt deserve to be called a dragon. He lacks the epic majesty of a real dragon. Yoshi is a butt burglaring FAAAAAAAGOT. I wont lie; the animation is good. but Yoshi is a FAGGOT. 3/5

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not a big fan of the top down view. The music is a bit flat, which is uncharacteristic of a madness game. However, Its WIP so maybe everything will be more polished by the time yall are done.

Good game, but next time, do some research, please. Modern Colt revolvers are double action, not semi-auto. The only Colt handguns that are semi-auto are the 1911 and its derivatives.

This game is bullshit. There's no time between waves. the money comes too slow. Who the hell thought of zombie rabbits or frogs? A game is supposed to be enjoyable while challenging, with a steady and gradual difficulty/power increase after each wave/ level. And how do you fix the car when everything's coming at you? its unplayable.

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Respect, man. Please email the acapella to me so I could mix it nice. Send me a PM for the email address.

UselessTalent responds:

hopefully Ill have it
I'll definitely send it to you
mad respect by the way bro


I don't know why you got 3.80; this beat is hot! Now it's 3.98. I'm gonna see if I could write to this tonight.


Hot Shit

However, I do agree with T-Free. It's not anything that you have to fix by re-recording the vocals. I could hook your vocals up if you're cool with sending me the track and your acapella. If you're cool with that, then you could PM me.


Gucunuka responds:

can i have your IM addy for Msn or whatever?

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It looks like sonic's retarded little cousin!

I make music and sound FX. I also Voice Act and Rap. I can record and am able to mix my own material. I am Here mainly because I'd like my music and/or SFX to be used in a video or a game. If you like any of my Productions, PM me. Peace.

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