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Pretty good -- I wish the loop was tighter tho.

OMG that guy is so weird lmao

This is the most jarring and unsettling form of vore that I've seen yet. The animation is a-fucking-mazing, but overall, this animation is nauseating and disturbing. Give us mor, you magnificent fucking bastard!

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good game, but unplayable. please adjust the difficulty curve.

Gypopothomas responds:

I'm working on it! Recreated the levels for the next update.

Good game, but next time, do some research, please. Modern Colt revolvers are double action, not semi-auto. The only Colt handguns that are semi-auto are the 1911 and its derivatives.

This game is bullshit. There's no time between waves. the money comes too slow. Who the hell thought of zombie rabbits or frogs? A game is supposed to be enjoyable while challenging, with a steady and gradual difficulty/power increase after each wave/ level. And how do you fix the car when everything's coming at you? its unplayable.

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Overall, it sounds thin The vocals are flat and the chorus sounds like it's oversaturated, making the vocals sound unnatural. I don't know man. You've made music professionally in the past, so i can't be so lenient. This composition makes me want to puncture my ear drums with a Your pneumatic hammer. Maybe you should pay more attention to your sound. Sorry for the low score; I've expected more from someone at your level. Best wishes!

It sounds like the BEST. PORNO. MUSIC. EVER. Cheers m8! I'm sure you've gotten accustomed to the workflow on FL since then. Best wishes, bro!


Respect, man. Please email the acapella to me so I could mix it nice. Send me a PM for the email address.

UselessTalent responds:

hopefully Ill have it
I'll definitely send it to you
mad respect by the way bro

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Will you be adding this character to the M.U.G.E.N Archive?

Sailor Chungus


It looks like sonic's retarded little cousin!

I make music and sound FX. I also Voice Act and Rap. I can record and am able to mix my own material. I am here mainly because I'd like my music and/or SFX to be used in a video or a game. If you like any of my Productions, PM me. Peace.


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