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Respect, man. Please email the acapella to me so I could mix it nice. Send me a PM for the email address.

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UselessTalent responds:

hopefully Ill have it
I'll definitely send it to you
mad respect by the way bro


I don't know why you got 3.80; this beat is hot! Now it's 3.98. I'm gonna see if I could write to this tonight.


Hot Shit

However, I do agree with T-Free. It's not anything that you have to fix by re-recording the vocals. I could hook your vocals up if you're cool with sending me the track and your acapella. If you're cool with that, then you could PM me.


Gucunuka responds:

can i have your IM addy for Msn or whatever?

This title has nothing to do with this review

I feel you could have used the EQ to make some of the instruments stand out a little better. I could not really tell the kick drum apart from the bass ( unless that was the sound you were going for). The guitar sounded more like a dull harpsichord, but then again, I never thought too highly of Reason's guitar sounds (or any other digital/software based guitar sounds). That "wop wop" synth sound I heard in the beginning was pretty cool. I'm not sure if you intended for it, but it sounded a little off-time. However, I really like the mixing and the song structure was great! the music moved along at a good pace.

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TheFantasyClub responds:

The guitar was sampled from the original (the wop wop was a result of chopping the original guitar and filtered it, the dull harpsichord was the result of mixing the original guitar with one of the Reason guitar sounds).

That was my first track made in Reason, and the EQ wasn't my friend then, but I didn't disgust so much the final result.

Thanks a lot for your review.


Nice lead guitar.


It sounds like something you'd hear in an elevator or super market in the Mushroom Kingdom, lol! 3/5

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Real cool, dude. I really like the structure and mixing of the piece. Keep up the good work!

OK, but...

I like the direction that this piece is going. It's also in my favorite key (Thumbs up for that!). However, it sounds a little flat. I'm really not sure what kind of equipment you use, but I'm sure that if you Change the volume at certain points of time and EQ it, it'll come out nicer. Good effort!

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