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I make music and sound FX. I also Voice Act and Rap. I can record and am able to mix my own material. I am here mainly because I'd like my music and/or SFX to be used in a video or a game. If you like any of my Productions, PM me. Peace.

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FrankNice's News

Posted by FrankNice - January 22nd, 2019

Join my Discord server! It'd be great to chat with y'all! https://discord.gg/xrvb4sV

Posted by FrankNice - January 19th, 2019

Well, I'm back! Its been a rough ride, but I've had some time to get through it. Onward and upward-- Excelsior!!

Posted by FrankNice - November 13th, 2018

Please excuse me. I'm going through some things right now and wont be able to do much for a while. I'm sorry...

Posted by FrankNice - September 5th, 2018

I got a pm from the pbot, saying that ive been chosen for the voting panel for best of August. Never happened before. It's an honor!

Posted by FrankNice - August 29th, 2018

Hi everyone! I need some motivation. Would anyone be able to use any of my prior productions for their games/animations? Id appreciate it. Thanks a lot!

Posted by FrankNice - August 27th, 2018

Weird that I'm getting new followers, since i haven't posted any new content (with the exeption of comments and reviews) for about eight years. Still, what can i say, but thanks for thinking that I'm somewhat cool. Y'all are awaesome!


Posted by FrankNice - June 18th, 2011

I uploaded a new video, but the audio quality messed up after youtube compressed the video. wtf youtube??

Posted by FrankNice - May 30th, 2011

Here's a New video with a new original song! Enjoy!

Posted by FrankNice - April 4th, 2011

I'm putting this shit on ice. Life is too crazy right now.

Posted by FrankNice - February 25th, 2011

IYou could check it out here I hope you have a sub woofer, a good set of speakers, or some good headphones for that sexy ass bass! Enjoy!