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2011-09-30 09:11:23 by FrankNice

What's up? if you check out my youtube channel, you'll see some new videos that I made. Here . I've been busy with other things lately. Honestly, I don't want to keep adding material to newgrounds because I don't get paid to do this. You might be ok with living with your mom and that's cool, but I don't live with my parents. I gotta make my own money, so I got into video. I'll get back to The Audio Portal soon enough, so just hold tight for a while.

wtf youtube??

2011-06-18 13:46:49 by FrankNice

I uploaded a new video, but the audio quality messed up after youtube compressed the video. wtf youtube??

I'm Back!

2011-05-30 08:05:46 by FrankNice

Here's a New video with a new original song! Enjoy!


2011-04-04 09:49:01 by FrankNice

I'm putting this shit on ice. Life is too crazy right now.

New Hotness on youtube!!

2011-02-25 09:10:05 by FrankNice

IYou could check it out here I hope you have a sub woofer, a good set of speakers, or some good headphones for that sexy ass bass! Enjoy!

New Shiznits!

2011-01-26 20:24:25 by FrankNice

In case any of you haven't checked out any of my new material, you can check it out by clicking here Also, Please Review and write in your ratings! I will return the favor!

Like I have said before in my description, I make Music and Sound Effects. I have done a video with my own Music and SFX applied to it. You can find it here. Enjoy!

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2011-01-04 20:55:43 by FrankNice

Hello everyone! I just posted my first Voice Acting Demo. I hope you like it. There will be some more later. You can listen right HERE. Enjoy!

Two Songs out now!

2010-12-22 13:19:06 by FrankNice

What's up, NG? I'm new here and just posted two cool instrumentals. I'm looking to collaborate with a game or video author who thinks this is on point for their production. These are the tracks: Cool DnB, which is Drum and Bass and Fundamental, an Old skool Hip Hop Beat. Please listen and let me know what you think!

Two Songs out now!