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good game, but unplayable. please adjust the difficulty curve.

Gypopothomas responds:

I'm working on it! Recreated the levels for the next update.

not a big fan of the top down view. The music is a bit flat, which is uncharacteristic of a madness game. However, Its WIP so maybe everything will be more polished by the time yall are done.

Good game, but next time, do some research, please. Modern Colt revolvers are double action, not semi-auto. The only Colt handguns that are semi-auto are the 1911 and its derivatives.

This game is bullshit. There's no time between waves. the money comes too slow. Who the hell thought of zombie rabbits or frogs? A game is supposed to be enjoyable while challenging, with a steady and gradual difficulty/power increase after each wave/ level. And how do you fix the car when everything's coming at you? its unplayable.

Yo Tom, BRO! This game went off the rails! I gotta admit, when it first came out, i wasn't a fan, but you got me on your side. dude, the pokemon-style battle scenes, the crrepy ass kid, like dude, FREANKING RAGE MODE??? I didn't expect the gun to give him telekinetic powers and then you just kill as many ppl as you can find brfore going back to that space spoon. Did that really happen in the movie?oh my shit, lmaoo-- Good stuff. Surprisingly entertaining!

TomFulp responds:

The movie didn't have a space spoon but we assume that happened after the credits. Thanks for giving it a second chance!


Dude, you lost four of the stars that I'd have given u, tbh.. I hate fb and this would've been the next best thing to actually smacking that schmuck around. The graphics and artwork are pretty good tho. Please fix this game and upload it again!

the controls are pretty smooth. youre definitely starting off real well. please develop more, add some more content! it might also help if you could add some more music besides just the standard Mario tune. maybe throw in some original music too, maybe have it change during certain times, to make the experience more intense and then more suspenseful. add some gore, power ups and extra weapons/ammo. this seems like its going to become an excellent game, bro!

Great Effort

The game sucked. It was real boring. Having said that, The game itself was a great look back to the 80s. Because It isn't my kind of thing, I'll give you guys a five because I know you all worked hard on it.

Something. I don't know wtf to write in this mofo!

I think that if it's gonna be a at a shooting range, you should at least have a reset button, or have the bottles and targets respawn. Also, like previously mentioned, it would be a good idea to make it into a game. The graphics are crisp, and the sounds are on the money!

lohrel21 responds:

ok dude thxx alot :):):):)

What The Fuck??

What is so damned hard about pressing the spacebar?? I don't know what kind of 'tards have played this, saying it's too difficult. It was easy! Way too easy. I honestly think that the gameplay sucks (there's nothing else to do but press the space bar) and the graphics suck. However, the sound is awesome!! I'll give you a 7 for tickling my ear. Keep up the good work.

I make music and sound FX. I also Voice Act and Rap. I can record and am able to mix my own material. I am here mainly because I'd like my music and/or SFX to be used in a video or a game. If you like any of my Productions, PM me. Peace.

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